musical lives, remembered in story & sound


Lois Short -- 4. Renaissance

Sheridan died, in 1973. Her sons moved to Cincinnati. In her solitude, Lois found a musical renaissance. In Candie Carawan’s words, Lois “just kinda had this coming out,” musically speaking. “She really picked up the banjo again, and she just loved going out to community gatherings, or anything where she could play her banjo.”

Lois Short -- 5. A poem

Untitled Poem
By Lois Short
(Transcribed from a video of Lois reciting the poem, at the Highlander Center)

When I was a boy, way back on the farm,
We was always desperate poor
We slept on padding made of shuds
Laid down on the puncheon floor
And what we et, was what we growed,
We had no cakes nor pies
And the clothes  I wore was my pa’s old clothes,
Cut down for to fit my size
Pa was a strapping great big man
 a pushing 6 foot three

Lois Short -- 6. Resources

-Video is available, at the Highlander Center Archive. The archivist there is Susan Williams. -We are working, too, to find more video of her, from those workshops, and to make them more available to those who aren’t able to make it to East Tennessee.
-We are also following a lead to a recording of concerts she has done at Jubilee, in Knoxville, Renfro Valley Barn Dance and the Appalachian Festival.