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Lost Gander Crankie!

A video of one of the crankies that Elizabeth LaPrelle and I made.

An old banjo tune, the Lost Gander, inspired visions of birds flying, leaves falling and snowflakes in the sky. This is what we came up with! I'm hoping to make a more high-quality video of it at some point, but for now, this will do. A video our friend Toby Garlitz made at a house concert in Monroe County, West Virginia.

(What a great night! It was at the home of some of my students. So the first segment of the night was an impromptu student recital, then our crankie show... and, on a sugar high from all the great desserts people brought... we made, with my middle school-aged students, a crankie about the Justin Bieber song "baby." An epic gory version that could only come from the mind of a 6th grade boys.)